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A gift package full of organic spices from the Czech company Veganek, which contains vegan spices and vegetable broths of the highest quality. We are happy to be able to guarantee our customers the highest quality spices and vegetable broths on the market. Made in the Czech Republic.

The gift package contains 30 spices:

5x Spices for the right welder 50g, regular MOC/pc: CZK 40

5x Tzatziki spices 50g, regular MOC/pc: CZK 35

5x Spice breakfast porridge 50g, regular MOC/pc: CZK 38

5x Vegan spices 50g, regular MOC/pc: CZK 65

5x Spice broth herbal poetry 50g, regular MOC/pc: CZK 35

5x Spice broth classic 50g, regular MOC/pc: CZK 35

Expires 12/2023

Spices for the right welder:

If you like pre-Christmas coziness and a welder to go with it, we'll help you conjure up a drink you'll love. In no time, you can enjoy not only red wine or juice, but also strudel with Veganka. The delicate taste of cherries, rum and lemon is complemented by cinnamon, cloves, fennel, star anise and allspice. We applied the extracts to cane sugar. Taste and improvise with this lovely smelling bag from our protected workshop.


cane sugar, aroma (lemon oil, rum, cherry), spice extracts (cinnamon, cloves, fennel, star anise, allspice)

Tzatziki mix:

Do you like tzatziki? The delicate yogurt taste complemented by fresh cucumber will delight gourmets all over the world. Try our spices, which will help you create fresh tzatziki in a natural, aromatic way. You can also flavor your favorite products with Veganek spices. We are inspired by nature. Does not contain yogurt or other animal products. Suitable for vegans.


dried vegetables (garlic, dill), sea salt (max. 21%)

Breakfast porridge:

Our breakfast seasoning is intended for porridges, cereals and wherever you want to create a great "milky" taste. It is pleasantly complemented by vanilla and natural extracts, which will perfume your surroundings in the morning. You can also use spices when cooking or baking your favorite sweet dishes. Suitable for the whole family.


vanillin sugar, aroma, glucose syrup, natural aroma, spice extracts

Vegan Spices:

Are you looking for the flavors of traditional meat dishes and can't find it? Do you miss the taste of a proper burger? A vegan has a solution. Try our all-purpose natural seasoning blend. It replaces the taste of juicy meat in a vegan, natural way. You can also experiment with this mixture in the preparation of other meatless dishes whose taste you need to enrich. It is also suitable for creating "baking" and is a great thickener for sauces under tofu or other vegetable dishes. A taste of herbs with a little salt that the whole family will fall in love with.


sea salt (max. 29%), natural aroma, dried vegetables (onion, garlic), glucose syrup, anti-caking agent E 551, spices (black pepper), yeast extract

Herbal Poetry Broth:

When we prepare a broth of herbal poetry for our customers, it seems to us that we have found ourselves at the grandmother's house, who wants to induce a state of mental balance and harmony. This delicate, herb-scented vegetable broth is really the quality work of our team and many years of experience in development. There are no limits to your imagination here either, and you can enjoy a quality vegetable broth with your favorite pasta or dumplings. Suitable for every kitchen.


table salt (max. 30%), dried vegetables (parsnip, onion, carrot, parsley, dill), glucose syrup, spices (basil, turmeric, sage, thyme), yeast extract, natural aroma, spice extracts

Classic broth:

The popular classic vegetable broth was prepared from fresh, dried herbs and is, together with the premium broth, the most popular and best-selling in our offer. It is very easy to work with and in a short time it can conjure up a taste that even Michelin chefs pause over. The mixture is, like all our mixtures and spices, free of glutamates and artificial colors, it has a native golden color and the aroma of a freshly prepared, gently bubbling broth for several hours. We dare say that it will soon become a basic need for vegan gastronomy among the general public and in restaurants. Flavors are toned by yeast extracts and other spices. Your children will love the pleasant taste without bitter notes. Veganek wants to show the direction of intelligent gastronomy. In a few minutes you can prepare a great soup, the basis of sauces, but it can also be made into a delicious, spirit-boosting drink.


table salt (max. 30%), dried vegetables (carrots, parsnips, onions, celery, garlic, parsley), glucose syrup, yeast extract, spices, spice extracts

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